About Our Products

Quality Control Throughout

Our chemical engineering department diligently inspects all raw materials, checks Ph, viscosity, color, appearance, preservative and ascorbic acid value before the compounding department uses them in our many products. And once our final products are created, we recheck finished goods with the same level of vigilance so that when any Aloe Vera of America product is released, our Forever Business Owners and consumers can rest assured that everything that has the Aloe Vera of America label on it is exactly the way it’s supposed to be Perfect.

Quality Certified

Forever Living is committed to bringing you products with the highest standards in the world and we actively seek out external certifications to prove our commitment to quality.

Passion For The Products

Working at Aloe Vera of America, everyone involved becomes an integral part of a complete team. This is vitally important to not only our success, but our ongoing commitment to quality. At Forever we spend an enormous amount of time educating all of our employees as what’s going on within the entire organization – the big picture – so everyone involved feels like a stakeholder. Everyone feels invested in the success and the quality our wonderful products. This is our pride and our passion. When Gregg made the request for Forever to make the jump from a good company to a great company, everyone knew we had the right people in place, that we had a very passionate staff that was already invested in our products. It is with the idea of renewing our commitment to becoming a better company every year that Aloe Vera of America constantly renews its pledge to providing the highest quality Aloe Vera products in the world to the best Forever Business Owners in the world. For us to accomplish this, we have to have the support of our entire operation. And we do. Everyone who uses our products should feel confident in knowing that they have a committed, world-class operation supporting them at every step of the way.