About Our Products


At Aloe Vera of America we control every aspect of our process from quality sourcing and owning our own farms to when our final product is sent to Forever Business Owners. By being in control of 100% of every aspect of our business we are able to focus on what matters most: quality. We are proud to know that our world class operation gives Forever Business Owners and consumers the extra trust and confidence that they are being supported by what we consider one of the best companies in the world.

Scope Of Operation

Processing over 8 million gallons of pure Aloe Vera gel every year is no small undertaking. Especially when Forever Living controls Aloe Vera operations all around the world including plantations and agricultural operations in the Dominican Republic and in Southern Texas, a massive processing facility in Mission, Texas and, of course, our incredible manufacturing facility in Dallas. Forever is the only completely vertically integrated Aloe Vera company on the planet. In order to ensure that we maintain our mission of delivering nothing less than the highest quality products available, we have invested millions of dollars in our Dallas manufacturing facility. We have assembled a world class team of employees, the best research and development, scientists, and executives and we pride ourselves on controlling every step of our Aloe process. From planting and harvesting on the plantations to the moment product is sent to Forever Business Owners and customers, Forever Living is in 100% control of every aspect of our business. Be assured that you are getting the best Aloe products available on the market!