About Our Products

Straight To The Source

At Forever Nutraceutical we take the highly complex task of sourcing unique and powerful ingredients, and through a series of rigorous tests and analysis, we make sure that every single ingredient we put into our products meets or exceeds the Forever Standard. When it comes to the best of raw materials there can be variances of up to 500% depending on harvest, climate, season, storage, etc… For this reason alone, every raw material that comes to our facility comes to the quality control lab first. On top of that, Forever Nutraceutical either farms its own ingredients, which is the case with Aloe, or we go straight to the source and control the process from start to finish. This way we know, and our FBOs know, that they are ingesting nothing less than the finest natural products available.

The Nutraceutical Consumer

No one says it better than Jen Alfrey, a mom, a nutritionist, and our Director of Quality Management. As a mother, Jen takes pride in the things that her family consumes at home. As a nutritionist, no one knows more about the nutritional details. For Jen, be it nutritional supplements or the food on her table, everything needs to be of the highest quality available. This is very important to us because we believe that Forever Nutraceutical’s standards should surpass the quality standards that people should demand for themselves, for their loved ones and for their family. Everyone at Forever Nutraceuticals knows that Forever Business Owners are counting on them worldwide. We know that each and every product we manufacture will be ingested by a consumer seeking better health and vitality… and we take our responsibility to our consumers very seriously. For our families and for yours, anything less than the best will never do.

Delivered To Your Door

Forever Direct, headquartered in the Netherlands, delivers your favorite Forever products to millions of customers throughout Europe and Africa. With over 200,000 square feet of warehouse area, Forever Direct ships over 7,000 orders per day to our Forever Business Owners and customers!