About Our Aloe


With all the effort that Forever Living Products puts into cultivating the finest Aloe product in the world we as equally dedicated to providing fast and efficient, controlled shipping. The Puerto Plato port facility allows us to move processed and sealed Aloe stateside in a unobstructed and controlled environment so our harvested Aloe makes it to our product labs and manufacturing facilities in pristine form.

A Positive Environmental Impact

Unlike other companies that brag about environmental responsibility and minimal eco-adjustments in order keep up with environmental trends, Forever continually assesses its own practices in order effectively better ourselves on a regular basis. We don’t do it because it’s trendy. We do it because we believe it’s the right thing to do. We sought out certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – an independent organization that evaluates companies’ environmental impact — and in 2006, we launched a formal environmental sustainability program to challenge ourselves to do even more. Our documented Environmental Management System was certified to the international ISO 14000 standard and we have maintained that certification every year since! Naturally, Forever Living is already off to a good start with over 50 million Aloe Vera plants growing in both our Dominican Republic and Texas plantations. Do the math! When it comes to converting CO2 to oxygen, 20 aloe plants are able to convert the same amount of CO2 into oxygen as one tree. So, by Aloe alone, Forever Living is already cleansing the earth of 2 million tons of CO2 every year! We are incredibly proud to know that Forever’s net carbon footprint has a positive effect on our environment.

Environmental Balance

When it comes to the efficiency of converting CO2 into oxygen, 20 Aloe plants are equal to one tree. With over 50 million Aloe Vera plants in our plantations, our Aloe Vera plantations actually cleanse the earth of 2 million tons of CO2 every year! Other companies brag about environmental responsibility just to keep up with trends, we continually assess our practices and effectively better ourselves on a regular basis, because it’s the right thing to do!